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Wellness-Spa-North Germany-diving pool - packages

Bath Area
A bright area, focussing health treatments, silence and recreation awaits you. Repower yourself in the warm healing water.

The water contents 3% sodium and it is all-year round appr. 32°C warm - an unforgettable happening in winter! A number of different facilities help you to relax and feel well.

The bath area is directly connected with the sauna area (no extra charge)

Sauna Area
"Balneum" is the name of the roman-finnish sauna area. It is connected with the upon described bath area. In a kind atmosphere you can "sweaten" your time and get your circulation higher.

Two iodine-sodium steam rooms, a "sanarium" and two finnish saunas are placed within a architectual interesting octagon. In its centre the refreshing diving pool is situated.

Outside, in the spacious sauna garden you find to finnish block house saunas and a herbs sauna. Here is the second diving pool which is nearly a swimming one.

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